To explore the city of Amsterdam as well as the Dutch countryside, Bike City has bikes available for everyone’s needs: city and long-distance bikes, children’s bikes, and our unique, home-made sport/city hybrids.

We can add smartphone mounts, baskets, waterproof panniers, child seats, cargo trailers, children’s trailers, and helmets upon request – ask in our shop for options and prices. We do not have tandems, electronic bikes, and cargo bikes.

Regular City Bikes

Our city bikes are high quality Azor bikes, made in the Netherlands. The regular bikes have a steel frame; they are sturdy, solid and reliable and come with brake levers on the handle bar and Nexus 3 gears. We have different sizes available to accommodate a wide variety of body lengths and types.

For clients who prefer an old-fashioned Dutch experience, we also have single speeds with coaster brakes available.

Comfortable 7-speeds

Slightly lighter-weight, with an aluminium frame, and with more gear options than our regular city bikes, our comfortable and reliable 7-speed Azor bicycles are ideal for multiple day rides across the countryside. These high quality bicycles were built in the Netherlands at the Azor bike factory and will be prepared for you personally in our shop.


For our 7-speed bikes, the minimum duration of the rental period is two days and the bikes can be reserved via the reservations menu on our webpage.