Choose from two different types of inconspicuous rental bikes. All bikes include 2 safety locks. Naturally, all our bikes are well-maintained and regularly serviced by our own trained staff.

Regular City Bikes

With coaster brake / single speed or – like your bike at home – with brake levers on the handle bar and Nexus 3 gears. For an enjoyable ride along the canals and across bridges.

This bike is not bookable online, it is available as supplies allows. Give us a call when you are in doubt whether we have bikes available. We might ask credit card details (no debit card please) in order to secure show up.

Thank you.

4 hours (minimal rent)   € 10,00

1 day (24 hours)               € 14,00
1 week (168 hours)          € 67,00

Bike with a larger “low mount” aluminium frame. Easy to ride and with the 7 gears ideal for covering larger distances. Minimum of 2 days rental.

2 days (48 hours minimal rent)              € 35,00
1 week (168 hours)                                   € 83,00

Are you looking to hire a bike that is appropriate to make trips for a duration of at least one week? Take a peek at our  /hybrids/. page!