We have a full range of accessories, some of which can be reserved beforehand if available:


Front-mounted child bike seat

Your toddler will love this! For children who can sit up unsupported. The maximum weight is 15 kg (33 lb).

€ 3,50 per day
€ 13,50 per week


Rear-mounted child bike seat

The Bobike Maxi childseat, for young children up to 23kg (50 lb).

€ 3,50 per day
€ 13,50 per week



Your child will appreciate this on windy days. Supplied with a front childseat (when available).


Front basket

Upon request, our 3-speed city bikes can be equipped with a basket to hold small items.

€ 1 per day
€ 5 per week


Pannier bags

Upon request, our 3-speed and 7-speed city bikes can be equipped with large waterproof panniers. These are frequently used by Dutch cyclists to hold bags, groceries, and other items. Useful for cyclists who wish to travel longer distances and take some clothes along. Total capacity of the bags is 51 litres (11 UK or 13 US gallons). For long-distance travellers who are using our hybrid sport bikes, we provide four Ortlieb bike panniers mounted on each bike.

€ 3,50 per day
€ 13,50 per week


Viro Chainlock

All rental bikes are equipped with an AXA bike lock as well as with a sturdy Viro chain lock. This is included in the rental price.


2-Seated child trailer

This child trailer can be attached to our 3-speed or 7-speed rental bikes. The trailer fits 1 or 2 small children with a combined weight of no more than 40 kilograms (88 pounds). If you are interested in renting a bike with a child trailer, please do reserve the trailer via email or phone in advance to ensure it will be available on your desired dates.

€ 14,50 per day


Tag along bike for child

The tag along bike is perfect for children who are capable of biking but who are still a bit too young to be cycling through Amsterdam independently.

€ 14,50 per day
€ 72,50 per week


Cargo trailer

Foldable trailer to transport luggage such as a backpack or tent. Max. 40 kg (88 lb).

€ 14,50 per day



Wearing helmets is not mandatory in The Netherlands, and most cyclists choose not to wear helmets in traffic. For clients who do wish to use a helmet, we have helmets for adults and children available in the shop.


Tyre repair kit

For any emergency tyre repairs on the road, you can take one of our tyre repair kits and a bike hand pump while you rent a bike. Our hybrid bikes are also equipped with spare tyres.