We have a full range of accessories, some of which can be reserved beforehand if available:


Childseat front

Your toddler will love this! For children who can sit unsupported – 15kg max. Remember to bring sunblock and a hat, do not roast your little one.

€ 3,50 per day
€ 13,50 per week


Childseat rear

The Bobike Maxi childseat, for young children to 23kg max.

€ 3,50 per day
€ 13,50 per week



Your child will appreciate this on windy days. Supplied with a front childseat (when available).


Front basket

Handy basket mounted on the front of the bike.

€ 1 per day
€ 5 per week


Pannier bags

Large waterproof pannier with bags on each side of the pannier. Total capacity of 51 litre.

€ 3,50 per day
€ 13,50 per week


Viro Chainlock

In addition to a standard lock, each rental bike comes with a sturdy chain lock. This is included in the rate.


2-seater trailer

For 1 or 2 small children to a max. total weight of 40kg. Can be collapsed for easy storage indoors. Only available in combination with a rental bike. Please reserve beforehand (by phone) to avoid disappointment.

€ 14,50 per day


Trailer bike

For children with a reasonable sense of balance but too big for a childseat and too small to brave the Amsterdam traffic, the trailer bike is the perfect solution. Kids love it!

€ 14,50 per day
€ 72,50 per week


Bike trailer

Foldable trailer to transport luggage such as a backpack or tent. Max. 40 kg. Sorry, no pets.

€ 14,50 per day


Children’s helmet

Helmets are not mandatory in The Netherlands. Though – when available – we are happy to provide helmets, for our younger customers only.


Tyre repair kit

Free of charge when you rent bikes with us. A repair kit is a basic if you plan to cycle a bit further afield and want to avoid the risk of having to walk back. It goes with a bicycle pump.