1. What happens when a rental bike is damaged during the rental period?

Although not necessarely your fault, you are liable for all damage that occurs to the rented bike, except damage caused by natural wear. Treat your rentalbike as if it is yours.

2. How can I extend the 24 hrs rental period?

Just keep cycling! You pay your rent on return, so you can keep the bike until you are done with it, unless you have decided to extend for longer than a week. By the way: longterm renters get a better rate.

3. Do you give a reduction on large groups or for longterm rentals?

Yes we do. Groups off 10 persons get a 10% reduction when they pay all together. For longer periods than 2 weeks we offer special rates. Please check the Reservations section.

4. What if a bike gets stolen?

When your rentalbike gets stolen, you are liable for the damage. When you lock your bike properly it is very unlikely it will get stolen. You can choose for the option of theft insurance. Check also: are bicycles insured against theft?

5. Are there any special trafficrules I need to know?

YES! Dutch traffic laws also apply to you when you are riding a rental bike. Stick to the rules and forget your interpretation of a “typical Amsterdam” riding style. Check Traffic Tips for safety suggestions.

6. Are rented bicycles insured against theft?

No, when you rent a bicycle you are liable for theft. The risk of theft is small when you use the locks the way we will instruct you. With the optional theft insurance you can buy off this risk. Check the rates page for the insurance rates.

7. Do I have to leave a deposit?

Yes, everyone has to leave a deposit: a credit card + matching government ID will do. Your deposit is not the payment of your rental fee. Everyone pays the rent on return. Note that our rates are based on payment in cash (credit cards have an extra 2% surcharge)

8. Can I return my bike earlier dan agreed?

Of course you can. You just pay for the hours or days that you rented it, unless you agreed a fixed deal for a certain period.

9. Can I ride the rentalbike with 2 persons?

No, we don’t allow 2 persons on a rentalbike: you will demolish it when you use it with 2 persons. We do allow children with a maximum weight of 25 kg on a bike, when seated in a child’s seat.

10. Are rentalbikes equipped with illumination?

Yes, all our bikes have lights, front and rear. Before take off, please check if you do understand how to operate them.

11. Do you rent out tandems?

No, we only rent out bikes for 1 person because we think tandems are not suitable for Amsterdam traffic.

12. What if we would like to reserve bikes but we don’t know if it’s going to rain?

We cannot change the climate but even cycling in the rain can be fun. We provide disposable rainponchos in case it is cloudy, bringing your own raingear is also an option. A good mood always helps to make it a great day.

13. Do you provide maps?

Yes, we can provide you with detailed maps, showing you the bikelanes. If you plan to cover more ground, we can direct you to a specialized mapshop that has an amazing collection of maps.

14. Where can I park my bike?

The benefit of a bicycle is that you can park it almost everywhere. Preferably in a bikerack if you can find one available – otherwise to the railing of a bridge. Anyhow, always to a fixed structure. Make sure you never obstruct other traffic nor emergency exits, never park close to parked cars. At Central Station you are obliged to use a bikerack, bikes parked outside risk to get removed by the sanitary police! If in doubt, make use of the bikeshed there (“Fietsenstalling”) at € 1,10 per day.

15. What happens if the bike has a flat tyre or serious breakdown?

We provide a puncture repairkit and airpump on request. If you know how to fix a flat you can continue your trip. Serious breakdowns are rare because our bikes are wellmaintained and they are equipped with anti- puncture tyres. There is a phonenumber on every bike to contact our workshop for a solution.

16. Do you provide helmets?

No, we don’t. Nobody wears helmets in the Netherlands except for people on roadbikes or recumbent-bikes. For hygienic reasons we do not provide helmets but we do provide them for kids, because we do understand the apprehension of parents.

17. Do you rent ladiesbikes only?

For you convenience and safety we provide bicycles with a low-entry or unisex frame. The bike does not discriminate who is holding the handlebars and the rigidity of these frames can’t be beaten by a regular men’s frame with a crossbar. We do provide some XL men’s frame bikes.

18. Is it safe to ride a bike with a child in a seat?

When you are an experienced rider, it is not dangereous to ride with a child. Always take your time and obey the rules. Never leave a child unattended in a childseat on the bike.

19. What is the law concerning Ipod and cellphones on the bike?

It is weird, but the Dutch law allows cyclists to wear Ipod plugs and to use cellphones when participating in traffic. If you think it is a cool attitude to do this, be aware that there is an unwritten law that says that most others participants in traffic will find you very annoying –  in spite you do not notice this.

20. How does theftinsurance work?

If you have included a theftinsurance when you rent a bicycle then the conditions are as follows:
– You pay a premium per day per bicycle. You must lock the bicycle like you will be instructed;
– When you lose of the bicycle, you are obliged to let make up a warrant at a police office;
– you lose your guarantee of € 50,- + the replacement value of the lock & the replacement value of € 20 for any Bike City baskets;
– When you cannot show the keys, then you must compensate for the replacement value of the bicycle + lock.

21. What is the weight of a rentalbike?

Dutch bikes are heavy: depending on the type of bike the weight including the locks  is between 23 / 25 kg.
You will be surprised how smooth they ride though!

22. How does your reservationpolicy work?

In the high seasons and during holidays we only reserve bikes for a minimum rental period of one week, or alternatively if you rent bikes with a minimum of ten people.

23. Do I get tools with the bike to change an innertube?

No, we do not allow customers to change innertubes on a bike. Just patch the flat or bring your bike to the nearest bikeworkshop when patching is no option.

24. Do you rent electric powered or motorized bicycles?

No, we only rent human powered bicycles.

25. Do you rent mountainbikes or roadbikes?

No, our regular rental bikes are city bikes, with a maximum of 7 gears. We also rent aluminium hybrid bicycles equipped with pannier bags for a minimum of 7 days. The ideal bicycle to fulfill your bike trip through the Netherlands. Please check our Hybrids page.

26. Is there a possibility to drop off the rentalbikes at another location, apart from Bloemgracht?

No, there is only one Bike City, and it is located in Amsterdam. We do organize delivery / pick up service when work situation allows it. For groups only, on request.

27. Do you organize guided tours?

No, we just provide rentalbikes. We do recommend an independent tour guide for private tours.