Renting a bike at Bike City is easy. The rental fee for 1 day is valid for a 24 hour duration.This means that if you rent a bike at (for instance)  9:30 am, you return it the next day at the same time, unless you decide to extend your rental duration.

To extend the duration of your bike rental you don’t have to do anything.

Because you pay when you return the bike, you can keep the bike longer than you intended, and… the longer you rent, the lower the rental rate becomes! The starting date of your rental can be found on your copy of the rental contract. The latest you can return a bike on any day is 5:30 pm.


To rent a bike you need to bring a safety deposit:

a valid ID (European identity card, passport or driver’s license (with photo)


a credit card (preferred) or € 50 cash per bike.

note: we do not accept debit cards or equivalents as deposit!