Rental durationCoasterbrake single speed or handbrakes 3 speedAluminium / 7 speed
4 hours€ 11.00Minimum 2 days
Additional hours (per hour)€ 2.00Minimum 2 days
1 day (24 hours)€ 16.00Minimum 2 days
2 days (48 hours)€ 30.00€ 42.00
3 days (72 hours)€ 42.00€ 58.00
Additional days (per day)€ 10.00€ 14.00
Long-term rentalDiscuss options with shopDiscuss options with shop
Insurance (per day)€ 3.50€ 3.50

Insurance is optional, but its use is strongly suggested by our staff. The insurance covers theft and small damage. Please be informed that major frame damage and damage due to negligence are not covered. You can find more details in our rental conditions section.


Our hybrid bikes for long-distance travellers are available for a rental duration of 1 week minimum. The rate for a weekly rental is € 225 – additional days are € 25 each.


For long-term rentals of city bikes for visitors, expats, and residents, please contact our shop to discuss options and prices.