Everybody seems to be in a hurry nowadays. The average Amsterdammer pushes the pedals until the bike breaks down – at an unexpected moment. Silly, while frequently maintenance is far cheaper than delaying until the bike is demolished. Why not enjoying the wealth of owning a bike that is reliable, silent and safe to ride?

Probably a best kept secret is that Bike City is also the place to go for repairs and frequently servicing of your own bicycle, since 1994! As long as it has no engine: bring it on!


FLAT TIRE? We’ll fix your flat the same day! ( if it’s dropped off before 4:00 PM )



TIP # 1: Parents and commuters: tackle the trouble of punctures, have anti puncture tires installed to keep going. (get a replacing bike while we do the job)

TIP # 2: Living on a low budget? We install a new tube and tire for a package deal of € 45,00.

We give a 3 months guarantee on all repairs, including installed Schwalbe anti puncture tires (Marathon +).

One day service

When you bring your bike in before noon, usually you can pick it up the same day, ready to roll, also on Sundays (exception: high season pressure and labour-intensive jobs).

Replacing bike

If you can’t miss your wheels for a single day, please bring ID and Credit Card in order to rent a replacing bicycle at a reduced rate while yours gets fixed. Due to lock down stillness only 4 days of the week at your service: Monday – Tuesday – Friday – Saturday. Apologies for this inconvenience.