Parts and  accessories

Although we can’t display it all in our small shop, Bike City stocks most regular bike parts and accessories to make cycling complete. Our aim is to have the highest quality available on stock.


Bike City is official dealer of Azor Bike parts and bicycles. This Dutch manufacturer of hand-assembled bicycles has proven itself through the years with a fair price / quality relation.
For it’s durability, Bike City Rentals has chosen for Azor Bike. Click here for the Azor website to browse available models or drop by for a brochure. Purchasing Azor Bike with us means maintenance is in the right hands.

Used bicycles

Rental bikes are every now and then replaced for new ones. This is a great opportunity for you to buy a well maintained Dutch city bike – with a 3 month guarantee.
The benefit of purchasing a bike with us is that we can service it for you. It is possible to include theft insurance for your purchase.

Bike City currently sells used rental bikes! Sturdy Azor Bike Nexus 3 for € 275.- completely refurbished with 3 months guarantee. Great bikes that won’t fall apart like most second hand. Take one for a test ride and convince yourself.